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The Mail Defender Services

Spam is fast becoming the number-one IT pain point for enterprises worldwide. Today, between 45% and 50% of email is spam, and Radicati Group expects this to reach 70% by 2007. This deluge of unwanted mail results in drained IT personnel resources, decreased network bandwidth and email storage space, reduced employee productivity, increased legal risk and costly network downtime. In all, Ferris Research estimates that spam could cost businesses $10 billion in 2003. Developed for high-volume messaging environments, The Mail Defender Service provides the most comprehensive and effective spam-blocking product on the market today.
Instantly block over 98% of spam, while benefiting from
   industry-leading low false positive rates.

Eliminate over 90% of spam costs. Free up IT resources, increase
   productivity and reduce network and storage costs.

Up-to-the-minute defense against the latest blended email threats.

Complete protection against spam before it reaches your network.
   Safe, external scanning and quarantine management.

Comprehensive Virus Protection
Viruses and worms are proliferating at an unprecedented rate. At the height of their outbreaks, one in seven emails contained the SoBig.F virus, one in 30 emails contained the SirCam virus and one in 24 emails contained the Love Bug virus. Hackers continue to stay ahead of the technology curve and aggressively target the Internet infrastructure. The latest sophisticated, blended threats don't need end users to spread the infected files. Instead, they automatically leverage a combination of email, network shares, chat programs and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks to move quickly through the Internet.
Maximum protection utilizing the industry-leading anti-virus engines
   McAfee and Sophos - Sophisticated security to complement the on-premise
   solution you might already have in place.

Up-to-the-minute defense against the latest threats. Virus definition
   updates every 5 minutes.

Complete protection against viruses before they reach your network.
   Safe, external scanning and quarantine management.

Pricing: Anti-Spam, Virus Scan and Content Filtering
The costs for Email Spam Filtering and Virus Protection is based on the number of email and email alias accounts in your domain. Our service includes email reporting to the network administrator or to each individual email user. Once setup we will monitor your additions and deleted email accounts. Your monthly invoice will reflect the number of active email accounts for that month.
Email Anti-Spam Filtering, Email Scan for Virus and Reporting

up to 5 Email and Alias Email Accounts
$3.50/ per month per domain

up to 10 Email and Alias Email Accounts
$5.00/ per month per domain

up to 25 Email and Alias Email Accounts
$10.00/ per month per domain

up to 50 Email and Alias Email Accounts
$17.50/ per month per domain

up to 100 Email and Alias Email Accounts
$25.00/ per month per domain

more than 100 Email Accounts
call for special pricing

Setup and Implementation
Setup and Implementation of this service can be done the same day in most cases. We will require access to your DNS Administrator so that we can direct your email to the The Mail Defender servers. Once that is done, the servers will begin to examine every email and will forward approved email to your POP mail server, Microsoft Exchange or other Mail Server.

To setup your The Mail Defender service you will need to provide us the following:
a list of valid email address for your domain in a text file.
the IP address of your mail server.
access to your Domain Name Server administration.
contact and billing information.
With this information we will immediately establish your account and setup the back-end services. Once tested, we will modify or ask that your Domain Name Services Administrator point your MX Record (Mail Record) to the The Mail Defender Servers. Your mail will begin the filtering and virus checking process almost immediately. Within 24 to 48 hours all the Domain Name Servers worldwide will know the new address for your mail server.

How it works
The Mail Defender's implementation and design of the service architecture inherently provides for a highly available and distributed pre-processing email filtering network which has the following unique characteristics:
In-line Message Streaming
High Availability and Zero Latency Message Delivery
Component-based Filtering Layers
No Integration or Migration Requirements
Sophisticated Quarantine Management
Advanced Spam Protection Technology
Leading Anti-Virus Engine
Fast to implement and easy to use. Your email protection and security services can be up and running in a matter of minutes. There's no hardware or software to buy and no migration or integration necessary. In addition, our intuitive user interface is designed specifically to be simple to understand and easy to use.

Spam Prevention
To submit a spam incident, please email our Threat Center at with a copy of the spam message you received and its corresponding complete header information.

Contact us and Order Service Now
For more information about Carolinanet's solutions for Email Spam Filtering and Virus Protection, please complete an online order form, call (336) 346-6000 in Greensboro, NC or Toll Free (888) 400-5557 or email