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Software and Applications Development Services

Carolinanet's development team has been designing and building relational database applications since the early 1980's and has been building database driven websites since 1996. We understand databases and the web and how to use them to build effective business applications.

Use of open source relational data base systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL allow us to build high quality, robust solutions that don't break your budget! These products provide the features of proprietary commercial products that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. In addition to open source databases, our team worked with a number of proprietary commercial database systems such as Oracle, Informix, Ingres and SQL Server.

Sales automation, content management and publishing, entertainment, and ecommerce are a few areas in which we are actively involved in delivering database driven web-based solutions. If you site needs databases and interactivity, we can help.

E-commerce Solutions @ Carolinanet
Carolinanet's development team has been involved with the design, development and implementation of ecommerce sites since 1996. We understand how to listen to our customers and work with them to implement a solution tailored to their needs.

Our commitment to using the best open source tools available has led us to Interchange, one of the most complete and robust ecommerce solutions available today. Interchange is well suited for a variety of purposes, including: sales, order processing, content management, customer service, reporting and analysis, and personalization. Interchange has been implemented for traditional retail sales, digital goods delivery, B2B parts re-ordering, non-commerce content management, auctions, order status checking, and supply chain management. We are also constantly evaluating additional open source products, such as Oecommerce, that may more fully fill particular customer needs.

Whether you need a simple catalog and shopping cart in a shared hosting environment, or a full blown interactive retail site with real time credit card verification hosted on a dedicated server, Carolinanet can meet you needs. We have the expertise, experience and facilities to make it happen.

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Redhat Interchange Hosting

RedHad InterchangeCarolinanet offers hosting with the Interchange Application Development Platform and eCommerce application, complete with the template catalogue 'Foundation' preinstalled and configured with a MySQL database. We can offer both dedicated Interchange serversolutions and virtual Interchange hosting to companies worldwide. We can also assist in the migration of your complete site and Interchange catalog making the move to Webmaint Interchange hosting as simple as possible and causing no disruption to your site. If required we can even upgrade Interchange to the latest stable version.

What is a Shopping Cart?
A shopping cart program is a way to sell your products online and it works just like it sounds. It tracks all the items that the shopper wants to buy and then enables the customer to purchase them from the comforts of their own home.

When shoppers are ready to buy, they head to the checkout counter. This is where they review all the items in their shopping cart, make changes, decide on things like gift wrapping and shipping, and finally, hand over their credit card number. All web hosting accounts include the Redhat Interchange shopping system.

What is Redhat Interchange?
Redhat Interchange is the world's leading open source e-commerce software platform. Interchange provides the functionality that leading edge companies want, while providing the flexibility and return on investment they demand. Redhat Interchange is designed to give businesses the freedom to mind their own business. The Interchange platform is the foundation of Redhat's unique e-commerce offerings. No other solution combines enterprise-class functionality with the flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness of this proven technology. Through years of evolution in the open source community, Interchange offers an extensive feature set that is usually associated only with costly enterprise applications, including:

  • Intuitive content management functionality, enabling easy management of large, complex catalogs.
  • Flexible merchandising, maximizing sales through product presentation, cross-sells, up-sells, promotions and personalization.
  • Powerful transaction management functionality, allowing for complex business rules and full integration with legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive administration and reporting, which keeps business and technical management informed and in control.
  • Flexible, extensible architecture, ensuring scalability and providing room to grow.
Call a Carolinanet representative at (336) 346-6000 for more information on how we can help your business today.

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