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Data Center Facilities

Carolinanet's Greensboro Data Center facility is located in downtown Greensboro in the heart of voice and data communications for our area. With nine telephone companies and fiber transport carriers colocated within feet of Carolinanet we have easy access to both voice and data services.

Colocated in our suite are four major fiber transport carriers; ITC^Deltacom, DukeNet Communications, Time Warner Telecom, PalmettoNet and BellSouth. We have cross connections with these carriers in addition to easy access to Level 3 Communications, Ntelos, and ITC Deltacom.

We are at 301 South Elm Street, 6th floor, Greensboro, NC. For driving directions visit: Google Maps.

Carolinanet's network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of online applications and e-commerce sites. We operate our network using BGP-4 Routing protocol and our unique AS Number 26407 is assigned to us by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)

Through our partnerships with Time Warner Telecom, Global Crossings, Savvis and Windstream we can provide its clients with redundant systems, diverse fiber entrances and isolated power distribution to give them the utmost in security and reliability. Our data centers are equipped with two or more GigE connections and two redundant OC-3 connections and 100Mbps Ethernet hand-offs in our facility to our carriers.

The data centers are protected against the unlikely occurrence of complete power failure by 10 Hours backup batteries (against an industry standard of 20 minutes) and 85 Kw diesel generator available in the event of a power failure to the grid.

The data centers include 24-hour HVAC with redundant chillers to maintain an optimal computer server environment. There are also diverse data cabling paths to the server racks, and all servers receive conditioned power and 24-hour individual monitoring.

Core Router IP Network
RiverstoneAre the core of Carolinanet's network is a Juniper M20 with redundant and diverse connections to different Tier 1 backbone networks. The M-series multi-service edge routing service-built architecture has been constructed with scale and stability in mind, including the modular and fault-protected design of JUNOS software and a rigorous system testing process. All M-series routers offer redundant power and cooling. Juniper Networks customers build their business future on a network infrastructure that supports flexible, customizable solutions and attracts the industry's most capable partners. The top 40 service providers, large government deployments and 92 of the Fortune 100 are among the demanding businesses that rely on Juniper Networks. Customers know their Juniper-enabled high-performance networks are a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications, thus contributing to their success. Learn more about Juniper at this link Juniper Networks M-Series Routers

Customer Edge Router IP Network Connections
Between our robust Juniper Core Router and your application servers is our Alcatel-Lucent Ethernet Router Smart Switch/Routers. Alcatel-Lucent routers and switches bring cost effective, carrier class performance to mission critical networks. Alcatel-Lucent's technology offers Carolinanet greater network reliability, control and security. Hardware accelerated switching and routing allow mission critical network operators to take advantage of advanced QoS, traffic monitoring and service creation features with no impact on performance.

Alcatel-Lucent Ethernet Router 8000The Alcatel-Lucent 8000 are high-performance, all-purpose metro routers. Among the most recognized and highly deployed router platforms in the metro, the 8000 combine powerful service creation capabilities with a full range of optical and copper interfaces in a compact, NEBS-compliant platform. They provide an ideal service-provisioning platform for service providers in a data center environment, with powerful service creation tools like Alcatel-Lucent's metro-optimized MPLS Layer 2 or 3 VPN technology, dynamic bandwidth provisioning, and QoS. Learn more at this link Alcatel-Lucent Ethernet Router 8000

Our network and dedicated servers are engineered to provide complete redundancy and 99.99% availability.

To guard against line failure or intrusion, the data center is monitored by camera and Alarm South security service. No public access is permitted under any circumstances. Our alarm system, installed and maintained by Alarm South is much more than an early warning detection system. The security plan we have chosen includes special emergency communication equipment which makes us a part of an advanced network that automatically brings police, firefighters, or paramedics to our door any time of the day or night 365 days a year.

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