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StoreGrid Online Backup Services

Protect Your Business Server Data

Data is the lifeblood of your company! 43% of U.S. companies experiencing data disasters never re-open, and 29% close within 2 years. The loss of revenue for each hour of downtime varies from industry to industry. Yet, until recently most companies have not had the budget or resources to effectively backup and protect their critical data offsite.

Don't wait to find out your 'cost of downtime'! You should ideally back up your data offsite, to a dedicated backup server that's managed 24/7 at a secure datacenter. Our Managed Online Backup Solutions will help you get up and running after any Data Disaster.

StoreGrid Online Backup Services
Now organizations of all sizes can have the same enterprise-class data protection that the Fortune 500 uses to safeguard its critical information - at a fraction of the cost. Carolinanet's Online Backup Service is a completely automated, professionally managed service that backs up business server data, archives it in a secure, offsite data center and makes it immediately available for recovery 24 hours a day.

Tape Backup Fails To Protect Critical Data
Industry analysts estimate that 50% of all tape backups fail to properly restore all company data. 77% of respondents to a recent Storage Magazine survey found failed tapes while testing their backup. Whether the tape drive or media was defective or the backup software was mis-configured or someone just forgot to load a new tape, most companies would not be able to restore all their critical information in the event of a system failure, virus, human error or other disaster. Eliminate Tapes. Eliminate Risk. Now companies can eliminate the need to manage a daily tape backup process, eliminate the need to physically move tapes offsite and eliminate the business risk from unreliable tape backups.

Why Carolinanet StoreGrid Online Backup Service?
Automatic Nightly Backup
Never miss a beat. Your data is backed up every night as it changes, 7 days a week, so it's always up to date. And it's stored securely offsite at our data center.

No WaitingNo-Wait Recovery
Instantly recover your data after a failure or data loss. And a unique web interface allows you to initiate restores from any Internet browser, anywhere. Restore your data fast. Access your current, up-to-the-minute backup copy or previous versions from a historical archive. For added convenience and speed, a unique web interface allows you to initiate restores from a Web browser anywhere in the world. Where ever you are, what ever the time, the Online Backup Service lets you quickly and easily restore your data in a matter of minutes.

Bad TapesNo Tapes, No Hassles, Lower Costs
Tape-less backup and recovery means no hardware or software to buy and a fully automated process requiring little employee time or resources. Lower your data protection costs while freeing IT resources for other tasks. Traditional batch-style, tape-based backup is costly and labor-intensive. The mechanical process, combined with the need for frequent manual intervention, creates great potential for error. The Carolinanet Online Backup Service lets you retain full control of your data protection while cost-effectively outsourcing burdensome tasks such as device maintenance, tape management, and offsite removal and storage.

osMulti-Platform Support
Backup All Your Servers and Computers

The Carolinanet Online Backup and Recovery Service supports today's popular operating environments including Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, RedHat Linux, Sun MicroSystems, Apple and Unix. Our Online Backup Service lets you assign passwords for easy management of all your platforms from virtually any location.

How Carolinanet secures your data
Every night, without any human intervention, your data is automatically backed up offsite to or data center. We set the times for nightly automatic backups or you can request a manual back up as often as you'd like. No longer depend on yourself, or employees, to remember to manually perform nightly backups and pay to have them physically taken and stored offsite. Once our service is set up, it is essentially a hands-free offsite data backup solution.

After the initial backup, only incremental changes are actually sent over your existing Internet connection, thus making daily backups extremely quick. It will even work well with a 56K modem. In fact, you can usually back up to 500+ MB with a typical 56K dial-up connection.

Cost Effective
Remote Data Backups is much more cost effective than manually deploying tape, zip, jazz, CD-RW, mirrored and/or portable drives yourself locally. Just the cost of the backup hardware alone can cost more than a year of our automated offsite backup service. Not to mention the costs of the backup media itself or the expensive labor involved to deploy and maintain your own backup system. The perfect data backup software solution for your computer backups.

The service utilizes high-end servers with mirrored hard disk drives at our data center that are protected by a level of security that is hard to match. You will not have to make any capital investments trying to "re-invent the wheel" yourself, and we will eliminate all the variable costs associated with deploying your own backup software and systems.

CAROLINANET.COM is an Authorized StoreGrid Service Provider
Monthly Backup Service Pricing (License Fee + Storage)

Required Monthly License Fees
Backup Client on a Desktop OS* = $2.50/month
Backup Client on a Server OS** = $5.00/month

Additional Optional Monthly License Fees Plugins
Exchange Server Backup running in SBS*** = $2.50/month
Exchange Server Backup running in non-SBS*** = $5.00/month
Backup of UNLIMITED number of Exchange Mailboxes = $2.50/month

MSSQL Server Backup running in SBS = $2.50/month
MSSQL Server Backup running in non-SBS = $5.00/month
MySQL Backup (running in SBS & non-SBS OS) = $2.50/month
Disk Image Backups (Bare-metal) (running in SBS & Desktop OS) = $5.00/month
Disk Image Backups (Bare-metal) (Server OS) = $7.50/month
MS SharePoint Backup running in SBS OS = $2.50/month
MS SharePoint Backup running in non-SBS OS = $5.00/month
Oracle Backup (running in SBS & non-SBS OS) = $5.00/month
PostGreSQL Backup (running in SBS & non-SBS OS) = $2.50/month
cPanel Backup = $7.50/month
VMware Backup = $5.00/month/socket
Hyper-V Backup (UNLIMITED Guest OSes) = $5.00/month/socket

* Desktop OS - Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000 & Mac OSX

** Server OS - Windows 2008 Server, Windows SBS Server, Windows EBS Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Linux, FreeBSD

*** Exchange Server Plugin does not include backup license for mailboxes and must be purchased as an additional UNLIMITED Mailboxes

^ For Windows SBS Servers, MS Exchange backups MSSQL and MS SharePoint backups will cost $2.50 each instead of $5.00 per installation per month.

Monthly Backup Storage Fee
50 GB = $25.00/month (minimum commitment)
100 GB = $50.00/month
Additional GB $0.50/month

We can even help you evaluate your current backup solution by providing you with a list of mission critical questions you should ask yourself or your IT department about computer backups.

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